Perceptions and feelings towards immigration

On Saturday 24th of September 2022, at Ilfoveanu & Badea Cultural Foundation, Pitesti, the Perceptions and feelings towards immigration activity was held, in which the results of Changing Minds, Improving citizens project’s survey were presented. Imago Mundi Association is a partner of this project, together with Fundación Alternativas (Spain), Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain), and Trampolinhuset (Danemark).

Alexia Ciucan, youth worker of Imago Mundi Association, talked with a group of students, volunteers, and other youth workers of the Association about the results of the study conducted in the project, referring to the perception towards migration in three different countries, Romania, Danemark, and Spain. Open discussions were held about the vision of the migration phenomenon, how immigrants are welcomed in the countries they come to, and the stereotypes they face. The participants proposed solutions to integrate the migrants and accessible and tangible things they can do to help them.

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