Changing Minds in the medieval city of Sighișoara with Spanish and Italian youths

Before the last day of the Active Voices of European Youth Erasmus+ project, held in Sighisoara, where participants from Romania, Italy, and Spain debated the topic of migration, with a focus on gender perspective and climate change, a workshop was organized in which the results of the survey from the Changing Minds, improving citizens project were presented.

The participants expressed their opinion about the results, mainly since the study was applied in Romania, Denmark, and Spain, and the people present were Romanian and Spanish. The results were even more interesting because, during the six days of the project, the participants became familiar with the notion of migration and worked on informational and combating the stereotypes campaigns that come with it. Therefore, the numbers obtained helped them to outline a much clearer picture of the phenomenon at an international level and to debate the topic more easily.

Imago Mundi association is a partner in the Changing Minds, Improving citizens project, together with Fundación Alternativas (Spain), Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain), and Trampolinhuset (Denmark).

In the case of the Active Voices of European Youth project, the Imago Mundi Association worked alongside Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain) and ActionAid Italy.

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