Let’s Learn Differently: Our active Turkish partners!

Since the start of the Let’s Learn Differently Project, none of the partners involved has been wasting time. A good example of active involvement is our Turkish partner, Hacı Malike Mehmet Bileydi Anadolu Lisesi Müdürlüğü, a high school from the beautiful city of Antalya

That being said, they participated in the transnational meeting from the 3rd and 7th of April, 2016, they organised non-formal education activities on the occasion of the Turkish National Sovereignity and Children Festival, 23rd of April 2016, when they also arranged a panel discussion between students. In May and June, they organised dissemination activities, and also non-formal education activities, including methods such as pantomime, storytelling, scouting, trekking. A cultural trip to Andalusia was also included, involving students that attented drama activity, presentations on different themes, and more.

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