On December 16th, we met with our volunteers to discuss the upcoming Erasmus+ project we will be partner on next year, Window Youth: Empowering Young People from Disadvantaged Backgrounds through Podcasting, Media Literacy, and Soft Skills for Civic and Political Participation.

We took the opportunity to hold a focus group where the participants proposed an activity that could be done through the project based on the description and information we gave them.

The participants were excited to hear about the podcasts that will be developed through the project, saying that it is an excellent opportunity for youngsters to express themselves and that they would love to learn more about the podcast mechanism. Also, they wanted to find more about civic and political participation.

Imago Mundi is partner in this project that will start in January 2024 with many other organizations as ETS TWOPLUSTWO (Italy), ACTION SYNERGY SA (Greece), Velos Youth (Greece), UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA (Spain), HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (Bulgaria), VOLONTEUROPE (Belgia), Nevronas (Greece).

The project aims to encourage young people to participate in civic society as informed, active citizens through media literacy and soft and digital skills and to create their podcasts.

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