About EDCyber with Vlad&Teodora

Step into the captivating world of the EDCyber project through the lenses of a great podcast. This podcast, created by the two passionate volunteers, Vlad Minciunescu and Teodora Matei, offers a unique insight into their experiences within the EDCyber project.

Vlad and Teodora held a podcast that explored their personal journey and involvement in the EDCyber project, focusing on the impact of cyberanimation in promoting European digital citizenship among young people. They aim to inspire others to get involved in similar projects by sharing their adventures and lessons.

Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into the innovative approaches used in the EDCyber project and the significance of digital skills development and fostering a sense of European identity among youth. The podcast serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and promoting the ideals of active digital citizenship.

The video will soon be available on our YouTube channel!


Imago Mundi continues to support initiatives that empower young individuals and promote social inclusion. The podcast by Vlad Minciunescu and Teodora Matei highlights the impact of the EDCyber project and showcases volunteers’ dedication and passion in driving positive change within their communities.

The EDCyber – Promoting European Digital Citizenship in Young People through Cyberanimation approach Project aims to enhance digital skills and foster European digital citizenship among young individuals by utilizing cyberanimation techniques to promote active participation and social inclusion, particularly among the youth. The partners involved in the project are CALLYSTOARTS ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE (Italy), ACTION SYNERGY SA (Greece), Imago Mundi (Romania), CROSSING BORDERS (Denmark), Ayuntamiento de Almoradí (Spain) and Volonteurope (Belgium).

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