Sustainable tourism for a clean future! – TBridges!

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Sunday, 11th of October 2015, the activity “Sustainable tourism for a clean future!” took place in the conference room of the Pitești Business Center, in which 30 youths participated. The activity was a presentation and disemination of the TBridges project, financed through KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth of the Erasmus+ programme, a project with the purpose of promoting sustainable tourism as a possibility of reducing youth unemployment. The youths debated on this subject and expressed their own opinions during nonformal team activities and free debates, participated in nonformal education games to find information about the cultures of the other countries involved in the project. The Imago Mundi Association is a partner of this project, among organisations from Greece, Italy, Ghana and Cape Verde.

As a first part of this project, a seminar took place in Athens at the beginning of July, on the same theme of sustainable tourism. During this seminar there were presented various ideas of some local entrepreneurs from Greece, a country known for its tradition in the field of tourism. Still as a part of this project, the Imago Mundi Association got involved in the activities of the PadișFest event, during 21 – 23rd of August 2015, a campaign festival for promoting responsible tourism at Padiș. The 3 youth workers of the association organized then the Padiș Nonformal 2015 Workshop – Methods of outdoor education for promoting sustainable tourism among youths.

The Imago Mundi Association was funded in 2008 in the commune of Mălureni, Argeș. With an experience of 7 years in the field of nonformal education and youth projects , Imago Mundi Association won its fame for being one of the most active nonprofit organisations in the field of youths from the district of Argeș.

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