Let’s discover Cape Verde through Imago Mundi’s eyes!

Imago Mundi Association organised a dissemination activity, part of the international project Tbridges, financed by the European Comission. The event took place in the conference room of the „Ion C. Brătianu” National College on Saturday, the 20th of February and it was a follow-up of the participation of the Imago Mundi youth workers in the seminar that took place in Mindelo, Cape Verde, between the 11th and 15th of January.

Given that the seminar focused on different types of sustainable tourism, volunteers and youth workers of the Imago Mundi Association wanted to share their experience in the Cape Verde islands, and to promote this not so known touristic destination. The participants, teachers and headmasters of high schools from Pitești, took part in interactive workshops on the theme of sustainable tourism and discussed how the principles of this concept can be applied in promoting our country, experimented methods of nonformal education, but also experienced tastes and flavours from Cape Verde. The event was organised with the support of the „Ion C. Brătianu” National College and of the County Department of Youth and Sport Argeș.

The Tbridges project is financed through KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth of the Erasmus+ programme, and its purpose is to promote sustainable tourism as a possibility for reducing youth unemployment. The Imago Mundi Association is a partner in this project, together with organisations from Greece, Italy, Ghana and Cape Verde.

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